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Anniversary Chair - The first in a new furniture line designed to commemorate 100 years of Popular Mechanics.


Arts and Crafts Magazine Stand - A turn-of-the-century classic that fits in almost any floor plan.


Bandsawn Box - Whether flowing or comical, elegant or a mere blob, a well-executed band-sawn box requires no mind-numbing calculations and is an eye-catching, functional project that anyone can display with appreciation.


Barrister Bookcase - Though this style of bookcase was first used exclusively by attorneys and government-types, the stackable units are now extremely popular (and pricey) in antique stores.


Basic End Table - This shaker-style table was originally conceived as a "group project" for the members of the OldTools list. It is easy to build with a small set of tools, and provides good practice in the basics of hand joinery.


Basic Pine Bookcase - High-end furniture projects are great to dream about. But unless you have a well-equipped shop and some serious woodworking experience to draw on, it can be difficult to turn the dream into a reality. Not every piece of furniture needs to be a museum showpiece, though. Often a simple design does the job just as well and the experience gained in completing it goes a long way toward making the next project even better.


Bathroom Wall Cabinet - Most bathrooms are small and don’t have enough room for all the products and gear used in the daily routines of the entire family. Make room for clutter and keep it organized and behind closed doors by building this attractive cabinet.


Beach Chair - The chairs are made of lightweight cedar, they fold up flat for convenient storage and their easy-to-build design means you can make a few this weekend and still have time to relax in them when they’re done.


Beer Case - Plywood and box joints make a sturdy case for transporting beer.


Beginners Bird House - While this birdhouse is as simple as it gets, it has a lot going for it. It can be made very quickly, uses minimal materials and tools, and boasts a sleek look that will make any budding woodworker proud to say, "I built it all by myself!"

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