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Calendar Frame - This frame can be made from either hardwood, oak, maple etc. or a softwood such as pine, the back is not seen so can be any 1/8" thick plywood or a scrap of panelling. The calendar slides into the slots cut in the frame, and is removed to change the month.


Cheval Mirror - This elegant, generous-sized Cheval Mirror swivels on two turned pins to adjust for the perfect, full-length view, no matter where the viewer stands or how tall he or she may be.


Easy Picture Frames - Attractive and unique picture frames can be made with basic tools, for some only a saw and a square are needed. It is much easier to cut mitered corners with a miter box or trimmer, if the fit is not exact the angles can be fine tuned by sanding them


Infinity Mirror Box - The infinity mirror has lights that seem to go very deep into the frame. It's particularly dramatic in a darkened room. However, when the mirror lights are off and the room lights are on, it's just like an ordinary mirror. The basic idea is that there is a one way mirror at the front of the unit. Behind is another mirror. The lights reflect against the mirrors which in turn reflect against each other which give you the effect of depth.


Photo Frame - These easy-to-build stocky self-supporting frames convert your shop scraps into attractive home decorations in a matter of a few hours.


Picture Frame - The idea behind this picture frame was twofold.: the main goal was to build a frame that did not detract from the photo held within it (in this case a landscape shot). The second goal was to try and portray a sense of depth to the picture.


Picture Frames - Six picture frames that are simple to build, and you can vary them to suit your requirements. Frames 1 and 2 are made from ordinary pine stock and moldings. Frames 3 through 6 feature hardwoods that contrast in both color and grain figure.