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8 Sided Planter - Making your own planter is a simple fix that's both functional and attractive. This project is for any woodworker and requires only basic workshop tools.


9 Pot Plant Stand - This sturdy little stand is perfect for your deck or patio. Itís got room for your favorite plants and it doesnít take up a lot of space. When the weather gets cold, you can easily bring it, and a bit of summertime, indoors.


Air Filter - Home made shop air filter using a 1500 CFM fan blower and furnace filters. A larger take on the 20" box fan air filter.


Anniversary Chair - The first in a new furniture line designed to commemorate 100 years of Popular Mechanics.


Arts and Crafts Magazine Stand - A turn-of-the-century classic that fits in almost any floor plan.


Bandsawn Box - Whether flowing or comical, elegant or a mere blob, a well-executed band-sawn box requires no mind-numbing calculations and is an eye-catching, functional project that anyone can display with appreciation.


Band Saw Resawing Sled - Cut logs into lumber, make thin boards from thick and cut your own veneer.


Barrister Bookcase - Though this style of bookcase was first used exclusively by attorneys and government-types, the stackable units are now extremely popular (and pricey) in antique stores.


Basic End Table - This shaker-style table was originally conceived as a "group project" for the members of the OldTools list. It is easy to build with a small set of tools, and provides good practice in the basics of hand joinery.


Basic Pine Bookcase - High-end furniture projects are great to dream about. But unless you have a well-equipped shop and some serious woodworking experience to draw on, it can be difficult to turn the dream into a reality. Not every piece of furniture needs to be a museum showpiece, though. Often a simple design does the job just as well and the experience gained in completing it goes a long way toward making the next project even better.

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