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Bathroom Wall Cabinet - Most bathrooms are small and don’t have enough room for all the products and gear used in the daily routines of the entire family. Make room for clutter and keep it organized and behind closed doors by building this attractive cabinet.


Beach Chair - The chairs are made of lightweight cedar, they fold up flat for convenient storage and their easy-to-build design means you can make a few this weekend and still have time to relax in them when they’re done.


Beer Case - Plywood and box joints make a sturdy case for transporting beer.


Beginners Bird House - While this birdhouse is as simple as it gets, it has a lot going for it. It can be made very quickly, uses minimal materials and tools, and boasts a sleek look that will make any budding woodworker proud to say, "I built it all by myself!"


Boat Shaped Bookcase - This unique boat bookcase is sure to be a talking point in the home of any woodworker.


Bookcase - This bookcase is meant to be a tasteful alternative to other approaches. Its multipaned glass doors, exposed tenons and quarter-sawn oak construction work together to create a sense of seriousness and an air of solidity that are unusual these days.


Bookcase - A good bookcase is more than a set of shelves. It's a home for your most treasured volumes--a place to not only store and protect, but, more importantly, to display. In fact, while it may be designed to hold books, it's also the perfect place to show off photographs and collectibles.


Bookcase - This bookcase is relatively simple to build, yet will make an attractive addition to your home. It features a large space for a TV set with a shelf that slides out and swivels, three adjustable shelves, a door that covers two shelves large enough to hold records, and crown molding at the top.


Bookcase/End Table (pdf) - This end table also has shelves for storage.


Bookshelf - The design of this bookcase is simple enough to build in one day and finish over the following few evenings. It's composed of just thirteen pieces that are dadoed and screwed together, and all the joinery and shaping is done with a table saw and drill press.

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