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Box Joint Jig - Box joints add a professional touch to your projects, they can be cut on a table saw with a dado blade or with a router in a table with a straight bit.


Break-Down Chair - Here's a high-backed chair that breaks down flat and has no pegs or wedges to keep up with. You can get two chairs out of a 4'x8' sheet of plywood.


Byrdcliffe Cabinet - The furniture built by the Byrdcliffe Arts & Crafts Colony between 1903 and 1905 is rare, unusual and expensive. Luckily, it's cheap and easy to build at home.


Calendar Frame - This frame can be made from either hardwood, oak, maple etc. or a softwood such as pine, the back is not seen so can be any 1/8" thick plywood or a scrap of panelling. The calendar slides into the slots cut in the frame, and is removed to change the month.


Casing Cutting Jig - To dress up a plain-looking casement around a window and door, you don't have to replace all the moldings. Just add built-up pediments or corner blocks. But first, you need to remove the section of casing you plan to replace.


Cat Tree and Scratching Post - Build a four-perch cat tree measuring 2' wide, 2' deep, and 4'-6" high. Adapted from June/July 1994 issue of PETA's ANIMAL TIMES.


CD Cabinet - The underlying design idea was to make a mission-style cabinet which can form part of the core furnishings in a living room and holds over 200 CDs.


CD Storage Table - This traditional-looking storage table keeps your CDs and tapes out of sight, but at the same time makes them easily accessible.


Cedar Block Coffee Table - This coffee table is designed with the home handyman in mind. It is both easy to build and is very sturdy.


Cedar Window Box - This easy to build 3-foot wide window box can hold several pots and uses braces for extra support.

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