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Microadjustable Finger Joint Jig - What a difference a machine screw makes


Mission Style Table Set, Coffee and End Tables - Classic mission styling is enhanced by authentic construction features, such as a single-board top, a rich quartersawn oak grain pattern and reproduction Mission hardware. Add careful workmanship to this mix and youíll be left with an heirloom.


Modular Workbench - Five fold-out features make this bench a perfect project for even small shop spaces.


Newspaper Recycling Box - If youíre a great newspaper fan and have one delivered every day, along with lots of junk mail fliers, a tide of newsprint is probably rising around your reading chair and coffee table. This project is the solution. It gives you a place to neatly store all that reusable fibre. And when it comes time to take it outside for pick-up, a quick pull of the cord and a granny knot bundles the papers for the recycling truck.


Night Stand - Build this classic bedside table to match the material and finish of your bed.


Night Table (PM Anniversary Plan) - A mahogany night stand with wenge detailing and inlays


Office Desk - This has plenty of storage space--seven drawers in all--and plenty of surface area too, nearly 16 sq. ft. Its cool, clean lines suggest a seriousness of purpose that's good for any work environment.


Outdoor Bench - This sturdy bench is perfect for extra seating, setting BBQ equipment on and all sorts of other things. Just name it; this bench can take it.


Patio Chair - This lightweight, easy-to-build outdoor furniture can bring contemporary flair to a deck, patio or balcony. And these chairs are as easy to store as they are to relax in. These chairs give intermediate woodworking students the opportunity to learn a number of important, basic skills, including templating, measuring, cutting, marking, drilling and gluing.


Patio Planter - If you can build a box, you can build this planter. Itís much sturdier than most commercial versions, so it should last for many years. Itís also the perfect opportunity for you to try your hand at shingling.

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