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Picture Frame - The idea behind this picture frame was twofold.: the main goal was to build a frame that did not detract from the photo held within it (in this case a landscape shot). The second goal was to try and portray a sense of depth to the picture.


Picture Frames - Six picture frames that are simple to build, and you can vary them to suit your requirements. Frames 1 and 2 are made from ordinary pine stock and moldings. Frames 3 through 6 feature hardwoods that contrast in both color and grain figure.


Pioneer Chest - An original pine Utah pioneer period chest inspired this chest with some minor modifications.


Planter Bench - An easy to build bench and planter made from 2x4s and 1x6s.


Platform Bench - A platform bench combines convenient storage with a generous seating area.


PM Anniversary Dining Table - The second in the furniture series commemorating 100 years of PM.


Popular Mechanics Anniversary Desk - A good desk does more than provide a central work surface for paperwork. With a full complement of drawers, it handles all your home-office storage needs--from tape dispensers and staplers to file folders and stationery.


Puzzle Box - The 5 step wood puzzle box takes several hours to cut and assemble since there are many pieces involved.


Puzzle Box - This box is based on an old Japanese style of concealing the mechanism that allows the box to open. Rather than just having a simple sliding top, this box also has a concealed locking mechanism that must be dealt with in order to open the box.


Pyramid Cabinet - If you have a modest shop you can still build a project as substantial as this. Despite appearances, it requires very few tools: aside from a handheld circular saw, the only other tools used are a few hand tools, including a pocket-hole jig and a sliding bevel gauge.

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