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Coffee Table - An interesting table design using laminated plywood that is shaped using a Pro-2 Woodcarver


Coffee Table with Drawer - For those who like it strong and robustóa coffee table with substance. From the 1 1/4"-thick top to the 6" octagonal pedestals, itís nothing if not substantial.


Computer Desk - This project makes an excellent study carrel or computer desk using just a single sheet of 3/4" plywood and some one-by strips.


Computer Desk - Make a Computer Desk with one sheet of Plywood in one weekend, for under $100.00.


Concord Table - The Concord Table, also known as the candle stand table, is a traditional American Favorite.


Corner Cabinet - A desktop and computer desk accessories transform this corner cabinet into a handsome, functional work center. A retractable keyboard shelf supports the keyboard at an easy working height. Most furniture sold in stores does not fit well in a corner. But due to its triangular shape and efficient design, a built-in corner cabinet fits naturally into any room corner.


Corner Reloading Bench (pdf) - This reloading bench is based on plans by M. L. McPherson as published in the October 1993 American Rifleman. The compact footprint that makes good use of corner space that is usually poorly utilized.


Corner Shelf - This corner shelves project is a very simple weekend project. The shelves are made out of plywood with cheap pine used as the edging to give the effect of a thicker, more solid type of wood.


Country Shelf - Besides being a great addition to your kitchen or bathroom, this country shelf is a good exercise in cutting curves and sanding edges.


Dachshund CD Holder - This CD holder works like book-ends for CDs and has decorative ends to look like a Dachshund.

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