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Identifying Wood In Furniture Const. - Characteristics of different woods commonly used in furniture construction.


Infinity Mirror Box - The infinity mirror has lights that seem to go very deep into the frame. It's particularly dramatic in a darkened room. However, when the mirror lights are off and the room lights are on, it's just like an ordinary mirror. The basic idea is that there is a one way mirror at the front of the unit. Behind is another mirror. The lights reflect against the mirrors which in turn reflect against each other which give you the effect of depth.


Introductory Guide to Native British Trees - Information about 33 native british trees, listed by latin and common names.


Jewelry Box (pdf) - Utilizing all straight cuts and simple joinery techniques, this jewelry box is a good project for beginners. Just cut the pieces to size, assemble, finish and install the hardware. The inside may be flocked or lined, or simply finished like the outside. The completed jewelry box measures 13 inches wide by 10 inches deep by 5 inches tall


Joiner's Box - This box demonstrates many joints, reprinted from the book "Joinery Basics."


Jointer Use and Safety - How to use a jointer, tips for adjustment, and safety information.


Keepsake Box - Elegant keyed joinery at the corners make a beautiful but inexpesive box great for gifts.


Kids Picnic Table - A small BBQ picnic table for kids that seats 4 and can be used indoors or outdoors.


Kneewall Cabinet - A cabinet built in to a wall to help save space.


Knife Rack - This simple wooden knife rack keeps kitchen knives sharp & safe. Mounted under the cabinets, it reduces clutter on the countertop & keeps knives out of reach of small children.

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