Plans Tips and Techniques

Dog House - This dog house starts with a simple foundation but some easy enhancements quickly create a fancier look.


Drop Leaf Table - This small Drop Leaf table is patterned after a traditional Pembroke Table. Mortise-and-tenon joinery is used in this project to make a table thatís long-lasting and quite durable. Drop Leaf or rule joints are used to enhance the tableís lines and eliminate the otherwise visible gap between leaves and tabletop.


Easy Picture Frames - Attractive and unique picture frames can be made with basic tools, for some only a saw and a square are needed. It is much easier to cut mitered corners with a miter box or trimmer, if the fit is not exact the angles can be fine tuned by sanding them


Entertainment Center - This handsome and unique entertainment center provides ample storage for all your home electronics, yet is relatively compact ó 5 ft. high and less than 7 ft. wide. The three-unit design features a 20"-deep center unit spacious enough to hold a large television set, and two 16"-deep end units ideal for storing stereo speakers, tapes, CDs, and books.


Entertainment Center - This entertainment center leaves the television in full view while hiding all of the other equipment. What makes this a really clever solution is the use of an infrared repeater device that allows the viewer to operate the cable box and VCR with the doors closed.


Featherboard Indexing Jig - Featherboards are a great way to hold a workpiece firmly against a fence or table surface. But there's more to a featherboard than just sawing kerfs in the end of a board. The problem is cutting evenly-spaced kerfs so the fingers flex just the right amount.


Finishing Basics - Finishing your project will both protect it and bring out the beauty of the wood. Commonly used finishes belong to basically six groups, straight oils, oil and varnish blends, varnish, water based, shellac and lacquer.


Floor Cabinet - A plywood box forms the heart of this project, while face features add style and grace.


Floor Mirror - This mirror is proof that beauty and simplicity really can come together in the same project. And in this case itís wood and careful workmanship that make for success.


Folding Bench - A bench with legs that fold under the seat.

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