Plans Tips and Techniques

Frame and Panel Hope Chest - Mortise and tenon joinery the easy way. The design utilizes a form of frame and panel construction that goes back hundreds of years.


Greek Key Desk - This is an original design by Armand Sussman, an amateur furniture maker living in Pennsylvania. The design creates an illusion of wood twisting and turning. By using contrasting woods, an endless stripe is created, adding movement to this piece. The glass top serves as a work surface, but it doesn’t obscure the base.


Guide to Honing and Sharpening - One of the most important skills a woodworker can acquire is the ability to sharpen tools easily and well. Working with hand tools can be a frustrating experience unless you have sharp tools. The goal of this lesson is, with a mimimum of equipment, is for you to be able to produce razor sharp cutting edges on any tool blade consistently.


Hand Drill Use and Safety - Details about the variety of hand drills available and safety information.


Hardwood Handbook - The Hardwood Handbook is a practical guide for the consumer, builder, architect and other specifiers to select from the many beautiful hardwood species grown in vibrant and perpetual southeastern hardwood forests. Each species has its own distinct qualities, but all have the warm natural feel and charm that is uniquely wood.


Hardwood Identification - Most commercially important hardwoods in the US can easily be identified by examining the cross-sectional surface of the wood with the unaided eye or a 10x hand lens. Since these features are visible to the eye, they are referred to as macroscopic.


Hexagon Picnic Table - How to build a six-seater hexagon BBQ picnic table.


Hoosier Cabinet - Eighty years ago, before built-in cabinets were common, every modern homemaker wanted a “Hoosier” cabinet in her kitchen. As a baking center, it was the last word in efficient design and convenience, packed with labor-and time-saving features.


Hope Chest - The old fashioned Hope Chest updated for the modern girl - light enough to carry from relationship to relationship, but still packs a whack of silk.


Humidor - Spalted maple humidor, domestic wood with an exotic figure makes this box unique

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