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Bookcase - This bookcase is relatively simple to build, yet will make an attractive addition to your home. It features a large space for a TV set with a shelf that slides out and swivels, three adjustable shelves, a door that covers two shelves large enough to hold records, and crown molding at the top.


Bookcase/End Table (pdf) - This end table also has shelves for storage.


Bookshelf - The design of this bookcase is simple enough to build in one day and finish over the following few evenings. It's composed of just thirteen pieces that are dadoed and screwed together, and all the joinery and shaping is done with a table saw and drill press.


Box Joint Jig - Box joints add a professional touch to your projects, they can be cut on a table saw with a dado blade or with a router in a table with a straight bit.


Bread Box - Bread boxes are very easy to make and it is almost a crime to consider buying one.


Break-Down Chair - Here's a high-backed chair that breaks down flat and has no pegs or wedges to keep up with. You can get two chairs out of a 4'x8' sheet of plywood.


Briefcase - The author designed and constructed this wooden briefcase for his company. The objective was to follow basic briefcase guidelines and use only wood. This finished project contains no hardware.


Byrdcliffe Cabinet - The furniture built by the Byrdcliffe Arts & Crafts Colony between 1903 and 1905 is rare, unusual and expensive. Luckily, it's cheap and easy to build at home.


Calendar Frame - This frame can be made from either hardwood, oak, maple etc. or a softwood such as pine, the back is not seen so can be any 1/8" thick plywood or a scrap of panelling. The calendar slides into the slots cut in the frame, and is removed to change the month.


Casing Cutting Jig - To dress up a plain-looking casement around a window and door, you don't have to replace all the moldings. Just add built-up pediments or corner blocks. But first, you need to remove the section of casing you plan to replace.

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