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Router Table Indexing Jig - An auxiliary table fitted with an index pin for cutting evenly spaced dadoes on a router table for making small display shelves.


Router Tenon Cutting jig - Most woodworkers know that the router is an excellent tool for cutting mortises, but how many realize it is great for cutting tenons as well.


Sawhorse - Everyone should have at least one of these wide topped sawhorses in fact many times only one is needed when working with short lengths. Besides being a mini workbench you can stand on it and best of all sit on it.


Sawhorse - This sawhorse is made from 2 X 4's, the top can be any length, over 32" is recommended so it will hold most doors to work on them.


Sawhorse - This is a project that seems to be built more out of necessity then a planned project and built with materials at hand rather than making a special trip to the lumber yard.


Shelf Hole Drilling Jig - This jig allows for evenly spaced shelf holes, if they have to be drilled with a hand drill in a pre-assembled unit.


Woodworking Bench - One of the first tools a beginning woodworker needs is a good solid workbench with a real woodworking vise. This bench need not be a fancy affair made of expensive woods in some classic style. The first bench must be cheap, easy to make, and solid.


Workbench - This is a good bench. Itís not a toy and it will not frustrate you when you work with it. It is not so nice as a full-blown hardwood cabinetmakerís bench, but you can accomplish almost all woodworking tasks with it, and with reasonable care, it should last a lifetime.


Workbench (Popular Mechanics) - Bring your shop to the next level with a professional-grade workbench that you can build yourself. Complete with a wide end vise, bench dogs and a versatile patternmaker's vise on the side, this bench sets the standard for everything you'll make with it.

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