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Band Saw Resawing Sled - Cut logs into lumber, make thin boards from thick and cut your own veneer.


Box Joint Jig - Box joints add a professional touch to your projects, they can be cut on a table saw with a dado blade or with a router in a table with a straight bit.


Casing Cutting Jig - To dress up a plain-looking casement around a window and door, you don't have to replace all the moldings. Just add built-up pediments or corner blocks. But first, you need to remove the section of casing you plan to replace.


Featherboard Indexing Jig - Featherboards are a great way to hold a workpiece firmly against a fence or table surface. But there's more to a featherboard than just sawing kerfs in the end of a board. The problem is cutting evenly-spaced kerfs so the fingers flex just the right amount.


Microadjustable Finger Joint Jig - What a difference a machine screw makes


Router Table Indexing Jig - An auxiliary table fitted with an index pin for cutting evenly spaced dadoes on a router table for making small display shelves.


Router Tenon Cutting jig - Most woodworkers know that the router is an excellent tool for cutting mortises, but how many realize it is great for cutting tenons as well.


Sawhorse - Everyone should have at least one of these wide topped sawhorses in fact many times only one is needed when working with short lengths. Besides being a mini workbench you can stand on it and best of all sit on it.


Sawhorse - This sawhorse is made from 2 X 4's, the top can be any length, over 32" is recommended so it will hold most doors to work on them.


Sawhorse - This is a project that seems to be built more out of necessity then a planned project and built with materials at hand rather than making a special trip to the lumber yard.

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