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Cheap And Sturdy Workbench - 2x4's are cut to length. Side frames are built and then joined with end rails. OSB is fastened to the top and the lower shelf.


Collapsible Work Bench - his bench is easy to make and when not needed, it folds up to only a few inches deep.


Knock-down Work Table - What's really nice about this worktable is that it can be assembled or taken apart in less than a minute, then stacked flat against a wall for storage. Plus, to build it, all you need is a single sheet of plywood and two small scraps.


Modular Workbench - Five fold-out features make this bench a perfect project for even small shop spaces.


Woodworking Bench - One of the first tools a beginning woodworker needs is a good solid workbench with a real woodworking vise. This bench need not be a fancy affair made of expensive woods in some classic style. The first bench must be cheap, easy to make, and solid.


Workbench - This is a good bench. Itís not a toy and it will not frustrate you when you work with it. It is not so nice as a full-blown hardwood cabinetmakerís bench, but you can accomplish almost all woodworking tasks with it, and with reasonable care, it should last a lifetime.


Workbench (Popular Mechanics) - Bring your shop to the next level with a professional-grade workbench that you can build yourself. Complete with a wide end vise, bench dogs and a versatile patternmaker's vise on the side, this bench sets the standard for everything you'll make with it.